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Toy  loads are regularly available in full and half loads. Toys are “must have” merchandise.

Contents - Toys include a great assortment of national name brand toys from manufacturers like Disney, Fisher Price, Playschool, Hasbro, Mattel and others. They commonly include items like remote control cars, dolls, board games, balls, building blocks, model cars, stuffed animals, action figures and so much more.

Sources - Major retailers

Details - Experience has taught us that you don't wait until Christmas to buy toys.

Market - Toy loads are a great opportunity for exporters, flea marketers, discount stores and online sales.

See Overview of Products in the Glossary for more information.

Source FOB Description Pallets Units $Value $ell Price Manifest / Image
ARWM Power Wheels truckloads now available. Customer returns. Priced right. Items like Jeeps, Mustangs, BMW, Hello Kitty and more. There are an average of 150 per truckload. Available in SC and Arkansas. Why pay the higher prices of other companies. Flat price per truckload.2612535,0004,990