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Tools are always a popular and great selling load.

Contents - Tool loads are usually documented by manifest, so you know what you will receive. Items can include, but are not limited to, compressors, drills, saws, shop vacuums, blowers, edgers, hand and power tools, lawn and garden tools and all kinds of accessories. Tool loads include branded merchandise like DeWalt, Husky, Craftsman, Ryobi and many more.

Sources - National retailers

Details - These loads are designated as “returns”, but it is common to have some new products in the mix. Many of the items may have had extremely light use before being returned by the original buyer. They are sold based on a percentage of value.

Market - Tools are some of the most popular loads for the auctions, flea marketer, yard seller, and exporters.

See Overview of Products in the Glossary for more information.

Source FOB Description Pallets Units $Value $ell Price Manifest / Image
Harbor Freight
NOW AVAILABLE....Hrb*r Fr8 TOOLS. Loads are manifested for review. Great variety of items like but not limited to drills saws, laser cutters, sets, work benches, plasma cutters, pneumatic tools, and much more. These loads ship direct from facility in SC. PRICED AT ONLY 18% OF VALUE.