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Mixed Assets are unique liquidations. Mixed Assets is a marketplace for sources who want to liquidate a mixed collection of goods.

Contents -  New and used goods, including furniture, electronics, tools, jewelry, clothing... virtually anything based on the source. 

Sources - Estate sales, business & residential downsizing, leftover materials after renovations and upgrades, and any source that wants to liquidate a mixed collection of goods. Sources may be retirees who are closing a business and are selling their assets wall-to-wall, heirs settling a deceased relative's estate, restaurants that are down-sizing (or upgrading), or maybe people who are just down on their luck.

Details - The quality of the goods will vary since both new and used merchandise may be included.  Electronic office equipment, for instance, may be aged, but may be perfectly servicable for a start-up business.  Mixed assets are sold "as-is".

Market - Flea markets, consignment shops, start-up businesses, thrift shops, home-owners, businesses that are expanding, and much more.

See Overview of Products in the Glossary for more information.

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