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STH Liquidations, Inc arranges shipping as a courtesy for our customers who do not have access to logistics companies. To insure that you get the best price for your delivery, we collect bids from our shipping partners.

Freight costs vary from day to day, week to week, and from season to season. For example, it may cost more to freight out of the northeast or upper mid-west during the winter months.

Because we have low margins, STH Liquidations, Inc, Inc. cannot afford to absorb the costs pertaining to the following:

Adjusted Freight Costs: If we invoice our customers for a specific rate and that "lane" cannot be covered for the quoted amount, then the customer is required to pay any overages. We do the best we can to make sure the rates are correct, so this does not happen very often.

Detention Fees: When truckloads are delivered, the industry standard allows two (2) hours to unload. Some freight companies strictly adhere to this timeframe. If a load takes longer than the time allotted by the freight company, the freight company has the right to charge detention fees. In this event, the customer will be billed and responsible for these costs.

Lay-Over Fees: Lay-Over Fees may be imposed when 1 - the delivery is scheduled for a specific time, 2 - the driver gets there on time, and 3 - you, the customer, is not prepared to unload, regardless of the reason. This rarely happens, but when we are charged with any Lay-over fees, that cost is passed to the customer. Those rates vary by individual company.

WE OFFER FREIGHT SERVICES even if you do not buy from us. We have many logistics/shipping partners and get premier pricing. Chances are, we can get better rates than you can. Let STH Liquidations, Inc be your source for timely and cost effective logistics.